Shop Site

Price Range: $ 6000
– $18000
A premium website package designed for clients with online check-out needs. This package includes everything you need for a high-end, modern ecommerce website, including a fully responsive design, secure payment gateway integration, and advanced SEO optimization. With a focus on delivering results, our team is dedicated to ensuring your website not only looks great, but drives traffic and converts visitors into customers. Experience the difference with our premium website package for ecommerce success. Our team of expert developers will work closely with you to create a custom, user-friendly website that meets your unique business requirements and enhances your online presence.
Cumulative Project Delivery Timelines Range from 2-4 months

  • [Research] Competitive Indexing, Site Map, and Individual Component Requirements
    • Inputs Needed: Competitor Sites, 2-3 ideally at a minimum
    • Deliverable: wireframes, site map
    • Time: 1-2 weeks
  • [Meeting] Branding Assets, Informational Page Requests, Marketing Requirements
    • Inputs Needed: logos, fonts, hex codes, marketing taglines, slogans, customer journey map, value propositions, key differentiators
    • Deliverable: home page mock-ups
    • Time: 45 min, + 3-4 weeks with 1-2 revisions
  • [Build] Home Page, Header, Footer, Pop-Up
    • Inputs Needed: assets from mock-up phase
    • Deliverable: Active Site + Copy
    • Time: 1-2 weeks
  • [Build] Contact, About, FAQ, Legal Pages
    • Inputs Needed: Existing Information Related to these Pages
    • Deliverable: 4-5 standard web pages
    • Time: 1-2 weeks
  • [Build] Blog Capacity
    • Inputs Needed: current posts & category organization map
    • Deliverable: Working Blog Page w/ navigation & filters, Blog Post Page, import existing blog posts
    • Time: 1-2 weeks
  • [Build] e-Commerce Functionality & Inventory Management
    • Inputs Needed: Product/bundle catalog w/ descriptions, graphics & pricing, crm access
    • Deliverable: Shop Page, Bundle Page, Product Page, Connected to CRM system, Product Manager Portal
    • Time: 2-3 weeks
  • [Meeting] Revisions & Build Input
    • Inputs Needed: Feedback on design, copy, and build progress
    • Deliverable: A status report showcasing progress through these project components
    • Time: 30 mins, 3-5 times throughout the project
  • [Optimization & Integrations] Site Analytics, Public Indexing, Speed Foundation
    • Inputs Needed: Existing Google Search Console, Analytics, & Tag Manager Account Access
    • Deliverable: Site Speed Optimizations, SEO Foundation, Site Analytics & Search Visibility
    • Time: 1-2 weeks