Our Packages

We hope that our selection of common service packages can help you to quantify your investment in our partnership and quickly forecast the cost and timing of the total project delivery.

PLAYHAUS is proud to offer renowned, and expert level support to it’s entire roster of clients, and as such is priced on the higher end of agencies. We know our worth, but are happy to provide resources to support the adoption of the best practices we implement in our work, so that all may benefit from our secret sauce, at least the non-creative one.

$ 111
Hourly Rate


Custom Project Rate

For when our standard packages don't quite fit you.

We know that our service offerings aren’t always going to be a one-size fits all situation. We just try to be transparent with pricing.


Service Bundles by Need

For tackling the creative and technical 'I need' or 'I want' questions.

I want my website rebuilt. I need my marketing campaigns managaged. I want new content created. I need to optimize my advertising spend. 

All of these wants, needs, and more can be serviced.


Ideal Client Parnters

For our unique value proposition, and long term relationships.

Certain clients that are likely to do a high volume of business with us and are uniquely positioned to benefit from the development of our software product are ideal partners that we’d like to establish lasting relationships with.

Our current ideal client partners include private equity firms, marketing agencies, and record labels. Read on to identify if your business might be a good fit!