Digital Media Investing

The advancements in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence has shifted where the critical emphasis for success lies.

And that emphasis is concentrated in the creative elements, and using data driven logic to improve them.

But that emphasis requires a sturdy foundation dependent on the technical infrastructure connecting your sales platforms and channels with your promotional channels.

With over half a billion dollars invested in advertising platforms over the last 10 years in digital advertising, PLAYHAUS is the expertise that will help your business unlock further growth.

Connor [PLAYHAUS] was critical to the improvement in Search performance. 54% reduction in CPA, 120% increase in new clients, 160% increase in total revenue Quarter-over-Quarter.

Elliot Kemp, Director of Digital Marketing

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30-min Discovery Call tailored to identifying the hurdles PLAYHAUS can help your business overcome, and areas where additional value can be provided.

White Label Expert Services

PLAYHAUS, like all businesses, is operating to make a profit, but we don’t seek out customers for a quick revenue win, our aim is to establish lasting partnerships with companies strategically aligned to our mission.

We help content creators, influencers, media properties, and consumer facing brands to capture and retain more value from the data driven systems they utilize everyday, with an emphasis on exploiting digital advertising platforms.


The beginning of any partnership starts with an audit of your, or your clients', marketing systems.

Once we are certain that platforms are sufficiently integrated, we can leverage the data to make decisions to improve the performance of various digital investments.

We've been known form time to time to suggest cost saving tools that replicate your current success, but with better margins.

Tool Agnostic

Proper business, and thus marketing, intelligence requires the integration of operational systems that are essential to the business' core service offerings -- and whose data today is siloed off from each other.

We are familiar with learning new software's on the fly, and leveraging established frameworks to do so.

Whether it's Google Analytics, Mailchimp, TikTok, QuickBooks, or anything in between, we can add value.

Best Practices

We are focused on delivering maximum value for our partners and we leverage industry best practices, frameworks, and technical suggestions to do so.

If it wasn't evident by our emphasis on the tools you are using and making sure that all the data that represents your business is being leveraged to improve the performance of your digital assets.

We extend this to our creative production frameworks as well to deliver the highest quality media assets.

Ideal Partners

We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate, yes & agency; the Tina Fey to your Amy Pohler, the Cheney to your Bush, the guy behind-the-guy.

In our experience, most supporting agencies today tend to specialize and differentiate themselves on technical, management capabilities or the quality of creative offerings, but more often than not are in need of each others support to deliver for clients.

Our agency wants to be your stop-gap, with both technical and & creative expertise, we can validate your direction as an independent 3rd party, while offering you additional services to white label for the clients in your portfolio.

Creative Support

Our creative team specializes in copyrighting, editing, production, across all media — including text, graphics, audio, and video.

We leverage their skills to deliver across all of our offerings, but primarily in interface design, branding, ad production, and content creation.

You can leverage their award winning expertise also.

Technical Support

From web3 technologies like NFTs and cryptocurrencies, to ecommerce websites and apps, our team of engineers can scope and deliver any on any digital project.

Most partners leverage our capabilities for business intelligence and technical marketing integrations.

Ad Buying Support

Real-time bidding, demmand side platforms, over-the-top, infleuncer partnerships, these are all digital marketing buzzwords that actual mean something to our team, infact we’ve deployed a lot of capital across a lot of platforms in our ad buying history.

Whether you want a second set of eyes on a technical implementation, creative strategy, or us to take the wheel, we got you.