Our Services

At playhaus we are proud to offer a variety of business services that fulfill creative, engineering, planning, strategic, analytical, marketing, and web3 needs.

We offer only the highest quality white glove service to those we partner with ensuring that they are receiving work output that is both Avant Gard, and adherent to the leading technical frameworks for success.


Development Services

For your web3, application, or website development needs.

Building user friendly websites is our bread-and-butter.

It requires benchmarking existing comparable sites, documenting informational requirements by page and the overall site map, and utilizing the available design assets to the style levers that make our ugly wireframes pretty.

Want to build something like an NFT collection, Crypto Wallet Login, Browser Plugin, SaaS, iOS, or Android App? We can help with that too.


Creative Services

For your branding, digital media, and content creation needs.

Award winning content production. That’s the level of polish you can expect from our team’s final deliverables.

We can ideate, formulate, develop, write, produce, edit, and repurpose any media asset requests that you might have.

We are known best for our content writing and editing services. We have been known to fuck around with .gifs and sound mixers. This is our creative team, no request is too ridiculous.


BI Services

For answering crucial strategy questions with expert data science.

Businesses on the frontiers of their industry today are utilizing data to gain alpha, and outcompete their competition, statistically speaking. 

We help businesses to identify their scattered software systems, map and connect the data silos for centralized intelligence & automation. 

Our proprietary data organizational framework minimizes the risk of operational failure from switching software providers, while supporting robust data science tools at detailed levels of granularity for core business operating metrics.

Need help answering a question about your business only the data can answer? We can support all of your data management needs.


Management Services

For offloading growth marketing & product management.

If there are two things we as a company know above all else, it’s scoping the viability of a software solution with respect to product-market-fit, and deploying large amounts of capital on data-driven marketing campaigns.

Whether you want to run an advertising or direct messaging campaigns on billboards, search results, email, text, mailers, or as pre-roll to that grandma dancing to WAP on TikTok; we can plan, setup, deploy, optimize, and grow investments into advertising platforms, and their related ecosystems.

Have a project, business, or software idea, but not sure what you need to bring it to life? We can support you with all the technical paperwork you need to direct engineers to build what you want, and sell the market opportunity to investor, and customers!