Our team comprises former Google professionals, award-winning content creators, veteran tech founders (techstars alumni), and Web3 experts. Together, we have the expertise to make a real impact.

If your business isn’t managing it’s operating data with a modern solution, it’s going to get left behind. Exploiting AI & machine learning systems is the new game. That starts with owning your data.

Stakeholders Team

Paul Epp

Strategic Partnerships

Muhammed Abdul-Roheem

web3 Marketing Strategy

Hannah Gansert

Operations Associate

Richard Chungong Jr.

Special Programs, sn0b

Creative Team

Casimir M. Stone

Lore Master

Waleed Ajibola

Static & Motion Graphic Design

Sofia Syvolap

UI / UX Design

Madison J. Spence

Patron, Artist

Engineering Team

Connor R. Borrego

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Copple

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Wee

web3 Development Lead